EA Sports Cricket

If you enjoy cricket and play computer games, EA sports Cricket is the one game you must have played before. There is no better graphics PC cricket game than the latest version from the EA sports cricket series. However, soon you find out that the quality of game is nowhere close to its contemporaries like FIFA or NHL. Player names for most teams are misspelt. Hence even if “S.Tendelki” scores a hundred, you do not feel the same joy. You miss the real excitement as the teams lack key players who recently entered the squad. The match winning partnership between “Dhoni” and “Yuvraj” is not as electrifying, when they look like some road-side “pan-walas”. And worst of all comes when you have played the game for a few weeks. You realize, you can hit sixes every ball, take wickets by bowling at the batman’s leg, and win almost every match you play. Finally you conclude that the game is nothing but boring. However, your deep-rooted interest in computer games and cricket, forces you to wait patiently for the next version of the game to be released, in hope that this time the game would be free from such flaws. But, I can assure you that with the little budget allotted to the EA Sports Cricket development team it shall not be possible in the near future.

However, do not be disappointed! Just take a look at the few screenshots below:

Do not be confused, this is EA sports cricket 2007 but not the original version. This is the self modified version of the game. The team rosters are updated, players have almost similar faces, new jerseys for all teams, there is IPL, and most importantly there is something that you do not see in the screenshots. There is an improved gameplay with which, shots can be played 360 degrees on the ground.

The next question that would be popping in your mind (of course, if you give a damn about all this) would be how is it done? The answer is: It just takes patience, enthusiasm, passion and an internet connection. If you have all this just follow the link below:

Here are a few things you must learn about to enjoy the game to the core:

  • Player Editor: Player Editor07 allows you to edit fully all the player names, abilities, stats etc. It is easy to use and has import/export features to allow you to share players and teams.
  • Gameplay Patch: Improve the quality of play with patches for features like IPL, or 360’ shot play, better AI, etc.
  • Stroke Editor: Allows variation of height and power and direction of strokes

You may also choose to learn about ways to have extra fun with the game:

  • Face Making: Create faces of cricketers and watch them play. You can create your own face.
  • Kit Making: Learn how to make custom kits for the teams, launch your own kit or improve on the existing ones.
  • Bat Making: Create your own bat, with customized features like your name or signature.
  • Stadium Graphics: Create stadium banners for a more realistic look or just make whatever banner you want to be displayed on the field.

Above all, you can download pre-made faces, bats, stadiums, kits etc. to use it with your game. Have fun:)


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